About Us

This beautifully designed space has everything you need, from conference rooms to a dance studio, Liberty Plaza is the place to  be. 

Our park has more than meets the eye... find out how our track and energy conservation projects set us apart from the rest.

Did you know our park lights itself? Click here to learn more about how we do it!

Besides offering their own services, Helpline Youth Counseling serves as the building manager of Liberty Community Plaza. This nonprofit organization is responsible for all of the wonderful programs and events offered here at LCP.  

In partnership with Orchard Dale and Water Replenishment District, Liberty Plaza's Aquadeuo has state of the art methods of saving water throughout its park and building. 

As a county building, Liberty Plaza also serves as a resource hub for any questions you might have about your community. If you cannot find your answer here, Guest Services in the main lobby is here to help!