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Our Park

Track & Fitness Equipment

The Liberty Plaza track also offers a 2/3 and 1/3 route as a convenient way to work out while watching your children on the Tot Lot. Around the full track, you will find fitness equipment to also help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Tot Lot

Bring your family and children to the LCP Tot Lot, where children can safely slide down our playset or take flight on the swingset! Parental supervision is required!

Liberty Plaza is all about helping our planet, especially through water conservation. Thanks to Orchard Dale, we are able to save hundreds of gallons of water a year. Check out our signs, located around the park that explain and depict exactly how its done. Fun Fact: Our parking lot absorbs rain water and uses it to help grow our grass!

Solar Panel Stadium

Besides offering tired runners shade, our solar panel stadium also collects enough sunlight to light up the entire park and even LCP's building! Soon, you will be able to see on an interactive application exactly how much energy these 8 solar panels are saving!

Grass Area

While our grass area is not available for reservation, community members are welcomes to bring a ball to toss or a blanket to lay out from sunrise until sunset.

Plants & Tundras

Liberty Community Plaza is proud to use 100% California native plants and grass on its facility. These plants use little water and thrive best in our California climates. If you walk around the track, you will find our tundras, each filled with different types of plants and soil.

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