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Water Conservation

In partnership with Orchard Dale Water District and Water Replenishment District, Liberty Plaza is using state of the art engineering and technology to save hundreds of gallons of water each year by reusing, reducing and recycling water.


Our park reuses water and is home to California-native plants only. Our parking lot absorbs rainwater and send the water off to be replenished by WRD.


Take a walk around our park to read our signs on water conservation and the steps we are taking to help the community. These posts go into further detail about how Liberty Plaza and Orchard Dale are doing their part. Click on the links below to see a PDF version of these park displays.

Inside, our water faucet also has a water bottle refill station. Here you can see how many water bottles we have saved, thanks to reusing water bottles and reducing waste.


Coming soon to Liberty Plaza is a Water Conservation Demonstration. This demonstration will give the community a hands-on experience to better show how we save water, thanks to WRD and Orchard Dale.

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