Room Rentals

Constitution Hall

Est. $150/hr.

Mandatory Security Deposit, Cleaning Fees and Security Guard Fees Will Apply



Banquet style: 250

Auditorium style: 300

Standing: 400


Rental of Constituational Hall also features 2 partitions for smaller reservation spaces, catering kitchen, restrooms, does not include patio area and amphitheater



6 ft. Round Tables- 25

Chairs- 180

10 ft. Rectangle Tables- 2

Projectors- 2

Projection Screens- 2

Cordless Microphones- 3


Flag Poles- 4

Flags- United States, California, Los Angeles County

Podium (no emblem)- 1


Non-Profit Rates Available

Community Rooms

Est. $75/hr.

The Community Rooms can be divided into 4 segments, each seating about 15 guests. When the partitions are removed, about 75 guests can utilize the classroom-style space. 


Max Classroom seating: 60 guests with desks, 10 without

Standing: 100 guests

Doors: Each section has own entry


Room Rental Includes:

Desktop space & chairs for 60

2 projectors with screen and audio


Aux Cord Hookups, NO microphones

Window Blinds

Non-Profit Rates Available​

Justice Board Room

Est. $20/hr.

The Conference Room table seats up to 10, with couch space surrounding the table for an additional 5 guests

Room Rental Includes:


Large Scratch Paper Board

Powerpoint Presentation

Free WiFi

Free Teleconference Call

Sound System

Nearby Restrooms

Blinds, Privacy

Non-Profit Rates Available

Arts & Crafts Room


The Arts & Crafts Room is the perfect place to hold your next creative group meeting. With plenty of table space and seats for up to 15 guests, the room also provides counter top space, a sink and ample storage for repeat guests.

Non-Profit Rates Available




Health & Wellness Center

Est. $25/hr.

The Health & Wellness Center is home to LCP's most beloved programs such as Yoga and Zumba. This could be your group's new favorite meeting spot for fun, healthy activities. The hardwood floors, mirrored walls and barre are perfect for dancing or exercising.


Occupancy: 15-25 depending on activity

Room Rental Includes:

Sound System

Television with hook ups

Free WiFi​

Non-Profit Rates Available


Est. $50/hr.

Natural Seating: 100 seats

With Chairs: 200


No sound system or lighting, Must bring own. 


Food may be served here, restrooms available inside with private door to hallway.


est $50/hr

Located right outside of the Constitutional Hall

Occupancy: 40-50 seated/ 75 standing

No sound system, Must bring own. Some lighting but may want to bring own.


Food may be served here, restrooms available inside with private door to hallway.

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